Sunday, January 26, 2014

Captain America Wall Hanging

So, I had this idea. I bought some fabric:

I chose Kona Pacific. The Bella Country Red I had on hand.
I did my first paper piecing:
Sadly, I pieced the third section upside down so that instead of a square it was something... else. It was not much fun, paper piecing.  I'm hesitant to attempt it again, though it's a crazy useful tool, at least, in other people's hands.

I used the techniques taught to me by Rossie Hutchinson to make reverse applique circles....

I pieced a back, basted, straight line quilted, and added a camouflaged hanging sleeve and a gold binding:

And found I made a Captain America Shield wall hanging:

It's some what hilarious and ridiculous and it will be hanging above my friend's desk, where I can visit it often, and yet not have to explain why it exists. That's her problem now!

The blue stars on the edges are also reverse appliqued, in a similar manner, but without doing the whole circle, just a quarter each, I didn't have so much fabric to make it much bigger.  As it is, there are some awkward seams. I broke 3 needles (at least? maybe it was 4) putting a machine binding on it (I always machine bind! I have issues with my wrists that make holding needles deeply uncomfortable) because of all the layers the applique added. But we got through it in the end.

Most of this was done over Christmas-New Year's break, but I finally finished up the hanging sleeve two days ago, so I finally feel justified in blogging about it. If it's not finished - it's not blogged. So, it may be a few more weeks for, say, the tree skirt to appear... even though it's 98% done!

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