Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weavette rectangles

I have been making weavette rectangles to take a break from knitting.

Also, it's a neat way to use up odds and ends!

weavette rectangles
weavette rectangles

These all come from the same skein of handspun yarn, well what remained after I made a pair of mittens: the skein is here. I love that each one looks so different from the others. (Okay, there are two that look very similar, but, you know!) I intend to make some more, soon. Hopefully enough for a scarf? I'm just unsure what I can pair with this.

I should probably just spin something up, right? Yay, an excuse to dig through my stash!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The skirt!

It still isn't hemmed. I just spent 10 minutes looking for it in order to take the picture. Turned up in my daughter's secret hiding place behind the couch, so I guess she likes it?

travel skirt
She likes the cars and planes.

I like it too! If only I could get her to try it on to see if I need to tighten the waistband. And figure out where the hem should fall.

The shirt is one I dyed yesterday, and it's not yet dry, or anywhere near finished, but it was convenient. I love this shade of orange!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crafts of the Past: the plague of purple squirrels

Back in Jr High and a bit into high school my sister and I participated in a local youth theater. Mostly we did tech, mostly we did costumes. Anyway, this one time, the theater did "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

In the book, you may or may not recall, the downfall of Veruca Salt is a run in with the nut sorting squirrels, who declare her a bad nut.

I don't believe that there were physical squirrels in the production, but they were certainly purple - I think Veruca met her fate off stage. At any rate I was inspired, and I made a number of finger puppet purple squirrels for friends.

and this is the only one left