Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bird Quilt!

Alright, the last time we saw the birds, they were done being dyed.

I picked out some fabrics and used the birds most complimentary to those colors. I didn't do a whole lot of planning, and if I did it over, it would have been a bit different (of course) but I'm happy with it.

Although I did not have enough of that border fabric to go around, hence the odd corner.

I've been reading Sew Wild which is very helpful for the hesitant machine quilter, and I just tried to relax and quilt, and it went pretty well. I only ripped up one or two bits.

the bird quilt!
at last complete!

I thought a scrap binding would look neat (and it does!) but my god, it was a ton of work... I am not used to working on the bias.

the back of the quilt
obligatory shot of the back of the quilt

I've hung it over my loom. Sadly, I can't do much more at the moment, I took my machine back in for service due to tension issues.