Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finally finished! Giraffe inspired baby quilt

I finished something!

And the baby is expected any day now, so I'd better get this in the mail!

Also it snowed today... The kids are excited. I was... not so excited.

I went with giant spirals, but as always with giant things, the mistakes become more obvious. Though, if one was all that concerned with hiding her mistakes, she wouldn't be quilting with hot pink thread.

Oh it is soft and crinkly and the colors are still wonderful! I used a tone on tone Spot On tiny dot for the binding. Which bridges the multiple purples and also the mostly purple back:

I used about 10 inches of this tone on tone purple print at the bottom after much internal debate. Because the back is mostly lavender, purple seemed a better choice than pink or orange, or even solids.

Here are the other posts on this quilt: Half Square Baby Quilt and Plots and Plans: A Baby Quilt.

I'm also including a picture of my first quilt - from 7 years ago, a baby quilt for my own first baby:

I showed some of my old quilts this week at the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild, as a member showcase. I took a picture of this one, because it's not much around these days. This quilt generally resides at my younger child's daycare as a napping blanket. It's not bound (it was turned inside out, I have not clue as to how that was done, though I did it.) It's tied, sort of, with embroidered stars. It's backed with a Star Wars sheet.

The block is Woven Ribbons from Quilter's Cache. Though the border is my own invention. Also, wouldn't be easier to piece this as a log cabin? huh.

Anyway! I've got more sewing to do. Cut my first Christmas projects out last night! I'm writing a list, and trying not to take on more projects... no matter how insistent they are.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just a quick note to say...

I have an entry in this week's Spoonflower contest.

I call it "The Last Good Weekend".
The limited color palette was interesting, I haven't done that before, well... mostly. It's not a proper repeat, it's just faked over the distance, so don't order it or anything.

Monday, November 4, 2013

River People!

I finally managed to get this collection purchasable, so here it is:

So, my friend does not think River People is a creepy enough name for this collection, but she does not have to walk across bridges on her way to work, so she does not know how creepy it can be.

Sadly, I don't have the brainpower to get the scales of the prints in proper relation to each other right now, and I know that the two fluorescent green prints were tacked on as an afterthought. The dots kind of work, but the moons just don't fit, but I love them, so there they stay.

If you want to see them in relation to each other scale-wise, the River People collection page on Spoonflower shows all fat quarters.

I've also got bone field (top left) available as wrapping paper, I have some of this myself, it is so good!

The other print I have as wrapping paper is my haunted house design. I used it to make some posters with:

I think they look amazing! But they're huge! They are three feet high! And there were reflections on the glass I couldn't get rid of, so that's my excuse on why it looks somewhat weird here. That and I took the picture at the last minute before the sun went down. Darn shorter days!

Anyway, in order to mess with the giant frames, I cleaned off my counter, and now it looks like I can do things there. I bought a new screen for silk screening, and wrote on it, and hopefully I will find the time to fill it with filler and make some prints!

I've also started cutting for two new quilts, despite having two quilts in progress! And while I finished the baby quilt last night, that is not much of an excuse. I still have two other quilts in progress!

I'm having one of those inspired to go in all directions at once months, I guess.

PS. There are several other new prints available on Spoonflower from me. The Haughty Moons are my favorite of the rest, but there are some fun orange swirls, and the club chevron, among other things.