Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Leftover Moon

So, last year, about this time, I made a few of these:

grumpy moon wreath!

Which left me with lots of leftovers:
so many moons, so little time

So, recently, I took a few of the leftovers and some black and white fabric (which I also have tons of!) and put this together:

starry night, foggy night, snowy night, moon.

It has a double binding, which is a bit painful*, though not too terrible on a small piece like this (22x17"). It's a trick I learned at one of my guilds! So, the double binding:

Cut a strip of fabric 1" wide, fold in half, iron.
Line up the raw edges with the raw edges of your quilt, sew on with a 1/8" seam. Do not miter your corners, or you will regret it when you go to miter the next set.
Apply your binding the usual way.

*The only thing that makes it painful is having to go round 3 times, rather than 2. Otherwise, it's really quite simple.

And if anyone is interested in a moon wreath, I have some left, though not the turquoise one in this picture; I have purple or dark blue. Let me know, and I'll set you up an etsy listing. $35 + shipping.

Or you can make your own! Here is a tutorial I wrote up on Craftster.org.