Monday, July 22, 2013

Lotta Jansdotter quilt, part one: the background

When I first came to modern quilting fabrics (in a long roundabout way) I was not entirely sold on Lotta Jansdotter. This was the time of Bella, and my ambivalence was mostly based on that bird... And it is so different from, well, everything else out there. And that takes some getting used to.

By the time her third collection, Glimma,  was released I was much more educated, exposed, converted, and spending time thinking about fabric in a more, um, thoughtful way (or perhaps obsessive?). Anyway, more able to define what I liked about fabrics.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scrappy Trip Done!

Scrappy Trips Around the World!

I actually finished a week and a half ago, but anyway.... I guess I only gave passing mention to this on the blog. Funny. I've been working on it since January, and I'd been collecting fabrics for it for months before (as mentioned here).
Don't judge me on the color of my spare room! It was not my choice!
I should discuss my quilting choices - which is, I didn't make any. I quilted everything. Flowers, dragons, bunnies, feathers, squares, loops, ribbons, swirls. There are two suns and one rabbit, and loads of other things. Because it was so noisy, visually, I took the opportunity to practice whatever motif appealed to me at the time. This doesn't make for a unified project, I know, but I am still very much at the beginning of my quilting career, and need mostly just to practice.

back and binding.
I actually ended up rather pleased with it, but mostly I am relieved to have finished it! I am now working on a twin sized quilt using Lotta Jansdotter fabrics, which I am at top assembly phase (having just started sewing blocks once this one was done - Ah the difference between a twin and a queen...!) And I have one to quilt, which I meant to do before the top assembly, but, well, whatever. The more interesting prospect won out, I guess.
As for my list - it seems to suggest I need to make more clothing, but all I want to do is quilts. So, we'll see.