Sunday, September 19, 2010

To dream, perhaps to spin

On a day like today, which was the Spinner's Flock Guild's Fleece Fair, at which I incidentally increased my roving supply, I thought I'd share my to be spun pile (mostly dyed by me and all done on my drum carder):

A. sock batts (superwash wool with nylon)

semi rainbow sock batt
too pretty to spin?

B.yellow & green with a touch of violet, merino - the third in a series of green toned batts, created one day when I was staring at a number of merino rovings I didn't like, and thought - hey, why don't I separate the colors and mix them up?  The other two were more successful....

yellow merino batt
it's just as horrible in real life!

C. Superwash wool with glitz, my most recent carding effort.

yellow and orange batts
orange = love

The current project hasn't been photographed yet...

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