Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More shirts!

I've got two in the dye bath now, I'm hoping to finish them before we go to Texas on Thursday, but that time line may be a bit ambitious... with two little kids underfoot.

red shibori shirts
the color's not right! they are red!

These are 7-8 rings of stitching in half-circles (the shirt is folded in half for dyeing) 2 rings pulled tight, dyed yellow, 2 rings pulled tight, dyed yellow orange, 2 rings pulled tight, dyed orange,  the last rings pulled tight, then plunged into red.  It sounds simple but it took weeks!  Also: I should stop taking pictures in my basement at night. :P

low water immersion dyed shirts
low water immersion dyed shirts + batik-style wax resists

The guy on the left was designed by my elder daughter.  The white eyes and squares on the pink shirt are Soy wax, which is awesome!  It melts at a low temp (for wax) and comes out easy.  They say you can get it out with just hot water and soap, but I've been ironing it out before washing, so I can't say if that's true.  Very excited with the mottled look of the low water immersion dyeing!

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