Saturday, April 30, 2011

more yarn!

I've been spinning like a crazy person.  I seriously need to stop and move on! But not quite yet... got a few things lined up first!

This is this week's additions, minus one, which is still on the bobbin.  Plied it tonight!

wool alpaca mohair silk yarn
Awool alpaca mohair silk yarn, blue and green, 55g

The silk is from hankies from Lone Tree Wools, the alpaca I bought at a Black Sheep guild sale, and the wool/mohair blend that is the third ply came from a Spinner's Flock sale.

wool silk alpaca
wool, silk, alpaca - 50g

The grey alpaca came from Spinning Loft, the wool was drum carded by me, and then made into psuedo rolags, the silk is the same as above.  I should have taken a picture of the batt, it was pretty! It's light blue and lavender, with hints of other things.

raspberry, orange, and yellow
raspberry, orange, and yellow wool yarn, 75g, self striping

All this came from Spinner's Flock.  I blended an orange roving with peach, and yellow rovings, with hints of pink for the second ply (on the drum carder!), but the raspberry I ran with without altering.  It's a wonderful color!

The best and perhaps most troublesome aspect of the spinning guild is that people are there every meeting trying to sell you gorgeous roving. I swore off buying yarn and fabric, but I couldn't bring myself to forbid the purchase of the occasional roving. I mean, I can avoid the temptations of yarn and fabric, mostly, but roving is always around. And I know will power is not my strong suit....

On the topic of resolutions, I did mean to do some wool dyeing this month, but it didn't happen... And until I clean up my crafting space, it probably won't. That should be my goal for May, seriously. Order, organization!

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