Thursday, September 1, 2011

At last, temari

So, it was about 6 weeks ago (it must have been!) since I took the temari class, because I was working on this temari at the Spinner's Flock meeting before the last one.

my temari

I did take a picture of the other side, but it did not turn out. You'll have to imagine. It is very similar to this side.

It's a neat craft, but not for me. I mean, having done one, I can safely stop, and say, yes I've done that, now the mystery is solved, and yet not be compelled to do another one. Actually, I look at mine and think, well, this could use some more work,  (in fact, my friend would tell you it is incomplete because it doesn't have an obi band) but I can't even get up the enthusiasm for that. There are so many other more exciting things to work on out there! I'm sure I only got as far as I did with mine because I discovered that I'd messed the cable up on my knitting project, and was putting off ripping out half of my progress, by working on my temari.

But I also want to show you the awesome one my friend made for me (my friend who is a temari teacher, and led the class I attended).

her temari
isn't it amazing?

They are lovely, provided other people make them for you...

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