Monday, January 2, 2012

Obligatory reflective New Year's post

Alright, so last year, I made a resolution to not buy yarn or fabric, and I didn't buy much yarn (3 skeins!) but I bought fabric uncounted, and I am not repentant, as I rediscovered quilting, and what can you do?

Secondly, I made a giant list of projects I meant to do last year, and I did maybe a third of them?

This year, I made a list of some things I need to do and some I want to do, and here is what I'm going with:

Sewing for kiddos: pajamas for child B, for child A a bathrobe, another skirt, and perhaps a dress.

Sewing for me: one skirt.

Quilting: Finish the outstanding projects, then work on a few small art quilts - specifically to master curves.

Dyeing: One batik piece.

Weaving! I have done so little weaving this year, it's sad. I have a project on the loom now that I hope to finish soon and then start churning out some dishtowels to replace old unexciting mass produced ones. If I get through those, I'd like to move on to rag rugs.

Spinning: Another hobby I have been neglecting. I have decided on a goal of spinning at least two yarns per month.

Sewing room revamp: it is in sad shape, sadder still because this was on my list for last year! Apart from addressing the obvious flooring problem, I want to rearrange furniture to work in a place for an ironing board and move the office stuff out, and bring my fabric stash back in.

Destashing! I want everything to fit somewhere out of the main room without all the current overflow.

give it away now
good bye to yarn and latch hook supplies

I've already got this underway, I've cleared out latch hook stuff, some yarn, some roving, a third of my sewing patterns, and the bulk of my record collection. Also going are many pairs of jeans I got off someone on Craigslist, since they'd just been sitting around here for a year and a half without my doing anything much with them... There is more to go, I'm sure; I'm in a getting rid of it sort of mood.

I'd also like to do more yarn and fiber dyeing, but I'm not promising anything. Things are going to be a bit different here in the new year, but more on that later.

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