Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another month, another quilt

I am somewhat ashamed of my lack of updates, but I feel somewhat like I've been running flat out... anyway, enough excuses, and on to the quilt!

sea turtle quilt, back
wall hanging for a green room

This is for my younger daughter's room. She had picked out the sea turtle fabric, and I had just had one technique for sewing curves for quilts explained to me. One brief sketching session later, I was off and running.

The moon is a screen print on top of a commercial print, a leftover from another project.  There are also a few hand dyed fabrics, most notably the top left corner of the vignette (I don't know what you call it, the main part of the quilt, but not including the border?)

I tried a solid lime green border, and it was a no-go. So I went with scrappy in different colors, from darkest to lightest. The rick-rack came from Etsy, after a trip to the local fabric store yielded no lime green only something called "leaf green."

sea turtle quilt, back
and the back, which shows the texture of the quilting better.

The sky and farthest reaches of the border were free motion quilted using a darning foot (and the parts where the thread tangled up are where I forgot to put that foot down!). The skinnier segments of the border were quilted in the ditch with a walking foot. The hill was quilted with embroidery floss by hand in little Vs. The binding is another attempt at doing an all machine binding, but I am still not entirely pleased with the results...that remains an area for improvement.

Of course, making a quilt for one child requires a quilt for the other. And that is not yet done.  I did show it to her today, and her response was that I needed to hurry up and finish it, so that's positive, though, I can't, as I am dyeing some fabric for the border, and the rest I ordered, and has not yet arrived.

But I can show you a preview of one piece of hand stamped and painted fabric that's used in it:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="sun fabric!"]sun fabric[/caption]

I forgot until I was a bit into the carving of the stamp that the sun would, of course, when printed, be facing the other way! And yet I kept on, so it faces the wrong way... though, that doesn't seem to be a problem until you see the quilt. Also, had a bit of a problem inking it, but I still like the look, anyway, I only needed one good one.

I've just obtained a few transparent Setacolor paints, which I used here, and have been having an exciting time playing with them for a week or so, doing some sun painting as well as stamping and painting.

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