Monday, August 27, 2012

Stash-plosion! And what to do about it.

so, maybe I have a problem

What happened was this - I posted this picture to facebook and twitter:

what? I'm just quilting here.
And on each, I got comments about the strange mass of fabric above my chair.

I thought, well, maybe there is something to it. And yes, it is a horrible mess.

What happened, though, is this. Everyone is having a sale. All August has been sale after sale after sale. First, a sort of local fabric store was selling off their fabric for 40%-50% (I went twice).  Then the excellent Pink Castle Fabrics had a blow out sale to make room for new stock, and I bought fabric, then I happened on this... And bought more fabric.

So, I have been thinking, as I am quilting, as I am deciding what I am going to buy for my next quilt, and finding things I can't resist. Can I put that in quotes? Things that I "can't" resist. That I don't want to talk myself out of?

Well, it calls for a system. A system full of exceptions that can be exploited when the need is great. I do not want to have a stash that is only full of the remnants of quilts past. I enjoy the serendipity of finding something perfect and forgotten, and also, you know, you can never find what you are looking for when you are looking for it!

Or is that rationalization? Maybe, maybe.  As much as I would like to subscribe to the buy whatever you love philosophy, it makes me unhappy to spend all that money... So, where were we?

Right, a system! Here's my plan:

Basically, for every quilt I complete, I get a $1 allowance/ square foot. An allowance to spend on stash builders and other fabrics I want but can see no immediate use for.

But, importantly, threads and fabrics required for quilts I am actively working on are exempt, because to not do so would be shooting oneself in the foot. My second exemption is for fabric for backs of quilts when it is $6/yard or under, because, seriously! a good backing for a great price is too much to pass up.

Of course, this may just lead to my increasing the number of quilts I am actively working on (currently, I have at least 3, maybe 4?) But, well, why not?

As for the current stash, I went to Ikea and picked up this:
"from the top - sky fabrics, classic florals, black and white, stripes, solids, and lastly, Christmas
Well, it might work.

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