Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rag Rug!

here it is in place on the floor...
So, I finished this at a meeting on Thursday night. At last! I guess I thought it would take 5 months, and it only took around 2 1/2. I give the credit to trying to get one color sewn together ready for the loom every night. Not that it happened every night, but trying to live up to the goal went a long way towards getting it met...

I got scraps from Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics (and if you want some, too, just ask her! She has claimed to have boxes of them) and the loom I used is one from Craftsanity. I used the nine peg coaster loom. I sorted the scraps by color before starting, because I wanted discreet blocks of color, but as I ran out of fabric, there started to be blocks of two or more colors.

obligatory close up image

And doesn't it look amazing! I was working on it, as I said, in meetings and at Fiber Expo at the Black Sheep booth, and I always get compliments and questions. The main question is how much fabric do you need to make a square? And the answer is, that even after making 40 of them, I have no idea.

The weaving was fairly straightforward, it's the transforming 18" strips of fabric into lengths long enough to weave on the loom that was the hard bit (I used the sewing machine). But at least it saved me from the horror of cutting apart my stash for rugs. *shudders*

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