Sunday, March 24, 2013

The One with Feathers

So, this quilt was inspired by these pillows by Katy Jones of I'm a Ginger Monkey. Only, in order to get it the size I wanted, I had to deviate from her layout.

Of course the layout I came up with requires partial seam assembly, but I only had to rip it out once, so that counts as a victory, right?

I call it "drunkard's dice" myself.

Well, not sure what to say about it, other than to list off the fabrics I used, but I'm not sure anyone is that interested. It's a mix of blenders and solids, and a few tone on tone prints, most of which came from Pink Castle Fabrics. And I worked in two Lizzy Dish prints because I couldn't stop myself. It has a voile binding that is these huge feathers, but you can't tell, I think, but it's a nice touch, believe me, because....
The backing is this wonderful (if upside down in this picture) peacock fabric (Thomas Knauer, Andover). I had been referring to it as "the thing with feathers" until I came up with the dice idea.
It is claimed that working with voile is hard, but I starched the hell out of it, (as someone advised on the internet) and it was fine.

I quilted pebbles in the dots and a loose geometric free motion pattern as the background. And though my squares weren't square, and my angles were wildly varied, I'm pretty happy with it.

close up!

In other news, I am thinking about printing with dye, if I can get around to making the thickener. I bought some fabric markers, which seem neat, and I want more, but I figure I should test them for wash fastness first.  And I am working on putting the pieces I created at a class I went to (two weeks ago?) into a bigger quilt - hoping to finish that this week, well, at least the top. And I have gone a little way towards finishing my scrappy trip around the world quilt - well, all the blocks are done, but turns out, they're not all the same size, and some may need dire surgery... So there is that to look forward to!

And after that I want to make a rainbow of these in every possible color combination! :D

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