Sunday, June 2, 2013

In the middle of the list

Well, a few days ago, while I was working on several projects, I started to wonder how many I actually have in progress, and the number was a bit staggering, at 10, so I've decided to work down the list before starting anything new, which is sad, because starting new things is much more fun than banging your head against that wall you inevitably hit with the old ones.

So, I did finish one today, a goodship dress for one of my girls:

Adorable in these Riley Blake dots and ladybugs.

And Friday night I finished the top for my drunkard's path flower quilt - using leftover fabric from my "drunkard's dice" baby quilt from a few months back.

here's some of it.
Currently I'm lashing odd pieces of batting together so that I can baste it this week.

And now I have to quilt things... at least three things, and then this quilt! But two of those are pillow covers, so it shouldn't be forever. I hope! Anyway, making progress, making plans, and hoping to get things off my plate eventually.

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