Tuesday, August 27, 2013

plots and plans: a baby quilt

I have a reason to think about a baby quilt. There will soon be another baby in the family! Not my immediate family.... (thank goodness!) but the wider family.

Occasionally, I will pick up some great baby quilt backing fabric if it's on sale, I have a stash of 5 of these 2 yard pieces (alright, not the most impressive number), and though it's not my usual method of working, I kinda enjoy the challenge of designing a top to match a back, rather than finding a back to match a top, which is more usual for me.

Ye Olde Stashe
The cupcakes may not have been on sale, simply, irresistible (it's a Riley Blake print, I think). Pink Castle Fabrics has that great Lizzy House town print (second from top) in both the blue and the purple...

The one I am dying to use is this one:

Because I love the colors. It's a lavender background with two purples, orange, a hot pink and a watermelon. I just want to get the coordinating solids* and make something... amazing. (Can't decide between half square triangles (just got the die for my sizzix big shot) and my fall back favorite, drunkard's path circles.) But I have at least two months before the baby is born, right?

closer in.
But there is a problem, which is hard for me to get around. The print is running from selvage edge to selvage edge (weft wise), rather than with the warp... The wrong way for a back!

The easiest solution is not to care and use it as is (sideways!) anyway. But I can't bring myself to do that....

If I turn it the right way, I am 6 inches short of 48 inches, so a few strips of solids can built it up, since I am not into matching the giraffes seamlessly (as it were), and it'd take three pieces to finish it with them anyway. If you can't make it work without cutting, you're left with making your deviations from what's usual at least look intentional...

So, a foot of solids would cover the gap with some left over for that wiggle room one needs when basting. I'd rather put it on the bottom, say, than put part on top and part on the bottom and risk it looking too letter boxed... But I should probably finish (start!) a top before getting hung up on a back.

*In case you are curious: Bella Peony, Popsicle, and Freesia; Kona Wisteria, Crocus, and Orange.

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