Monday, May 5, 2014

Ice Cream dress!

Last night, I put the button on the Ice Cream dress. The final step.

This dress was a journey. I bought that tulip fabric for a dress for my kid almost a year ago now, at a quilt shop when I was in Texas. And washed it and put it in a drawer (a drawer full of fabric intended to be made into clothes...)

Then, recently, I was at Pink Castle Fabrics, and I saw this Minny Muu print with tulips! and ladybugs! and knew they were meant to be together.

I chose the Oliver + S ice cream dress because it's adorable on a little girl, and my little girl isn't going to be little much longer, so I had to get this one done now. I have to admit, though, the pattern is a challenge, and not something I'd recommend for a novice. The construction is unusual to say the least. And the directions could use more illustrations. It's not difficult, exactly, it's just not particularly intuitive.

I myself, attached the yolk to the bodice in three completely different, entirely wrong ways, before finally hitting on the correct way. Though admittedly I'm not a genius at following directions. Yesterday was a long day full of ripping seams out and swearing.

But, it's finally done! And I still want to make view B, the gradient one, so I don't totally hate the pattern. (There are not many out there that I can show by way of example, but there's a gorgeous one at the bottom of this post by Kristin of Skirt as Top. In shot cottons! I want to do shot cottons, too. I love the way they look so soft!)

Oh! And I made two mods - I put some shapeflex interfacing under the cut out in the yoke, as it tended to want to wrinkle.  And I stitched the back of the yoke together at the base, to protect the fabric in the second layer - this was advice I got from Samantha of Making Life Prettier - her ice cream dress - just adorable! - is here.

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