Sunday, October 12, 2014


I wasn't sure I'd be posting this week, because it's been rough, but I've done a little research, so I may as well share!

I'm in a color theory class, and for our final project, we are to use Color Aid paper (314 colors) to make a design, that shifts due to the interactions of the colors we use. A grid, with a single design repeated. Sounds like a quilt, right?

So, I'm thinking about this final project, and then I think, wait, why am I making this out of paper, when I could be making this out of fabric?

Then I thought, wait, could I?

Well, my mind turned to Kona cotton, which now has 303 colors, and I set about acquiring charm packs:

I bought the ones that had 41 unique colors, and put them aside. I was not certain that they had no repeats, and thought, well, I'm busy now, but one day, I'll have the time to map it out.

Then I got sick (again!) and stuck in bed, I called up Robert Kaufman's website and made a spreadsheet with all the numbers of each color in the pack, and then compared them to my 2012 color card.

By each color I put a letter denoting the pack it came from, and by each number a checkmark to be sure that all colors were accounted for.

And they were all accounted for! These six charm packs contain all the colors up to the 2012 color card, with no repeats (except one - pfd white). These charm packs are: New Dusty, New Classics, New Brights, New Darks, New Pastel, and New Neutrals.

To get up to 302 you need two more packs: the new 2013 colors, called "Summer 2013" or sometimes just "Summer"; and the new 2014 colors, which isn't widely available yet, though Fat Quarter Shop has it.

From the scant research I've done, I've yet to find a store that carries all of them:

Fat Quarter Shop has 2014, one that's probably 2013 (but doesn't give us the item number to compare), Dusty, Pastel, and Classics.

Fabric Shack has Bright, Classics, Neutrals, Dark, and Pastel. (The one called new colors is the new colors for 2012, which are included in the other packs)

Hawthorne Threads has Bright, Dark, Dusty, Neutrals, Pastel, and Summer 13.

I'm still waiting on getting 2013 and 2014, because clearly I should have done the research before I bought the fabric!

And I'm still deciding what to do with these. I'm thinking maybe a tiny courthouse steps block?

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