Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Skirts of Summer

I made some skirts for some kids!

The first one is a sailboat skirt from an Oliver + S pattern. Although I made it in a metallic fabric that I loath (it's so stiff with that sparkle! so weird, and gets super hot under the iron) I admit that it turned out really cute:

I was puzzled when those pocket-like areas turned out not to be pockets. And those buttons are supposed to be functional! Well, they're not in mine. I just sewed them on through all the layers. It just seemed like a lot of unnecessary fuss. Those buttons came from an amazing fuzzy sweater I once bought on a trip, but when I came back from my trip all that fuzz had transferred itself to everything in the bag, so I save the buttons and ditched the sweater. I've been waiting a long time for a project to use them on!

The back has this cute little pleat detail.

It was a fun pattern, and easy to follow. I'm not certain if I'll avail myself of the shirt and pants that are also included. We'll see. I really like the look of this skirt. I'd like one for me, though not in metallic star fabric.

Then I made a Made to Measure skirt for another child using some Cotton and Steel Lawn (most of which Pink Castle has on sale right now)...

I used the same fabric for the pockets as in the last skirt because it was hanging around and I was too lazy to hunt for something else. I love this pattern, because it's easy to do (just pockets and rectangles gathered in a waistband) and it always looks great, though I should have reviewed the directions about which side of the waistband gets the interfacing, pretty sure it should have been the other one! But, it's together, and washed and looks fine. I really like the feel of that lawn! If I could ever manage to make something for myself, I might have to get some for me.

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