Friday, October 1, 2010

Crafts of the Past - Blue Hat!

I'm just featuring this because I found a neat picture of the yarn on my old blog:

blue yarn with teeth
artistic, no?

That is a cast of my teeth before I had braces.  Also, this is apparently the first yarn I spun on my current spinning wheel, so, that neat, too.

I dyed 4 oz of superwash/nylon roving, half light blue, half dark blue.  The colors were carded together so they sat side by side in batts:


Then the batts were unrolled stretched out into a roving like substance, so the colors still were side by side.  Then spun and made into the two ply yarn above.

Then knit with my go to pattern for hats: Jared Flood's Turn a Square.

blue hat
well, it's a bit big on me.

And, this shows you the neat shaping details of the decreases.  These details really show up best with stripes, for which the pattern was designed.

flat hat
you see the square?

This was made in the fall of last year, so I'm not going to reminisce much about that time in my life!  This hat became a Christmas present, and I haven't seen it since.

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