Friday, October 22, 2010

on roving presentation

When I started in this business (well, that sounds silly! I still feel like I'm starting in this business) I thought that braiding roving was the way to present it for sale.

But a friend set me on the path of using the crochet chain method instead, and I've not looked back.  First of all, it's easier!  Instead of holding three strands for the braid, you only have to work with one.

But, compare this same piece of roving done up both ways.


roving in a braid


roving in a chain

Apart from the convenience from my point of view, it's easier to undo as well.  It also shows the how the piece was dyed.  For instance, this particular roving progresses from blue/green to pink/purple, but when it's in a braid, you can't tell that.  Also, it's a more compressed form, so that you can store more roving in the same place (which is important for me; I'm a bit of a roving hoarder).

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