Thursday, May 26, 2011

More handspun yarn

I've been doing too much spinning. actually, I've been doing a number of things I can't talk about quite yet, so I'm showing off spinning.

wool, mohair, silk
three ply - two corridale wool/mohair blend, one silk - 55g

Silk is from lone tree wools, the blend I got at the Spinner's Flock guild sale last September.

wool alpaca angora
3 ply, drum carded merino, coral "wool", peach alpaca/angora - 80 g

The drum carded merino was blended by me, the rest came from the Black Sheep Guild spring sale.

My plans for the weekend are knitting (with handspun! at last!), finishing up my stitched shibori pieces, and predrafting some dark teal silk.

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