Sunday, May 22, 2011

on a more serious note

I've finally put everything together and listed items in the etsy shop!


I don't like the pictures of some of the other things I mean to list, so, those will have to wait. Also, I'm working up to another round of dyeing, but I need to get some shibori done first, so it's not liable to be started for at least a week, which means 2-3 weeks before any finished shirts! So, that may be it for awhile.

The pace of the work with the family life is sometimes quite frustrating when I think of what I could accomplish; but if it weren't for the kiddos, I'd be working full time, and the end result would be the same lack of time, plus I wouldn't have kiddos to play with! And if I think about it that way, I am happy.

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