Sunday, June 12, 2011

summer = car trips = knitting

I've gone from being embarrassed about the size of my spinning stash into being embarrassed about the amount of handspun I've produced and not knit up.

And thus shamed into returning to my first love, knitting, I've been working on fingerless gloves. These pictured are made with two of my March yarns.

yellow mitts
corridale and shetland blend
I actually knit this pair twice, because the pattern I improvised the first time wasn't working, and also, I was using the wrong size needles - once again, one should make their gauge swatch, and I didn't....

I love the color of this pair!

And the next pair is even more exciting:

navajo plied mitts
navajo plied mitts

This is my more usual pattern, on my more usual needles. The thing I love about spinning yarn for a project is that you can make the yarn do the color work for you.  I just hope it works out as I planned!

It's a great pattern, easy to vary - for those of us who find it hard to do the same thing more than once, I should think so, since I wrote it myself. And very portable. One day, maybe, I'll even share it or sell it, one day...

You know, that mystical day, when I have more time on my hands?

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