Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crafts of the Past: more people pins

I say more, because I already posted about one here.

This pattern came from a book we had as kids. It's possible, though, that it wasn't a book for kids, but just for people who wanted to work with fabric but didn't have a lot of experience.  You know the books. I think that another project from the book was making a yarn boa using adding machine tape as a stabalizer, which I attempted but after I broke a few needles on the sewing machine I gave it up. The idea seemed sound, at least at the time.

Anyway. More people pins, as promised:

more people pins
kind of a tropical dancer and this toga guy with leaves in his hair

even more pin people
the fancy lady with fancy glasses and this western supervillain

Notice the rope from Clue! The pattern was like a gingerbread boy, but someone went off on their own with the tropical dancer.  I am impressed by those glasses on the lower left one. They are two wire spirals stuck together that had once been a link on a funky necklace chain.

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