Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nothing but a brief reflection on LYSs I have known

When I lived in Urbana, Illinois, we had the best yarn shop. It was just down the street a few blocks from my house, a little ways from the library, and across the street from both an organic food store and my mechanic, so, I would, of course try to schedule my car maintenance with the yarn shop's hours in mind.

Because it was cozy! It was in a converted house, and there was a living room full of yarn to keep a person company. And unlike many yarn stores, it was young, the staff was young, the woman who owned it was extremely sweet, even when my child was destroying her display racks.

And best of all, it was totally on my way home from work!

There isn't such an ideal store here, and nothing so conveniently located. The store I go to these days is in a strip mall, and I don't know who the owner is.  And I don't have time to hang out, either. But what I do appreciate about it, apart from the bucket of toys - always the mark of a good store in my book - is that someone there has a very interesting eye for color. And every time I go there, there is something amazing to fawn over. Usually I manage to resist, but today, I could not.

mill end yarn
Isn't this amazing? It's just labeled "mill end yarn.

And then the next time I go, the amazing things of the last visit are gone, and a fresh amazing thing appears.

And if you are wondering about my resolution not to buy yarn this year - I think that this is only the third skein I have purchased in the whole year of 2011, so I think that's pretty good? Though, there are six weeks left...

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