Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random notes from a busy life

Hey! So... yeah. I feel like I have a ton of stuff on my plate. Also a cat in my lap who is not helping me write this blog post...

I've continued dyeing like a fiend. I've three more dye baths in the plans, then I'm done for the year... I think. The washing out of wax and dye will then commence, and that will be an immense undertaking in itself, which is why I need a dye hiatus; otherwise, I'd just keep holding the to be washed pile for the next dye bath indefinitely. Sadly, this means that most likely none of the shirts I've been working on will likely be ready for the next sale I have - which is the Black Sheep Weavers Guild sale, Friday and Saturday, December 2 &3 in Hartland, MI. However, I still have neat stuff in my inventory ready to go for that sale, so don't let me discourage you from going.

Tomorrow I'm taking a quilting class! My first! I am hoping to learn some secrets, to be initiated into the mystic knowledge of quilting.  I've been doing alright on my own (I think) but I firmly believe in learning things from people who know that they are doing. I'm pretty excited about it, even as my sewing machine is in the shop, and I've had to borrow one from a friend. It's older than I am, and just about as heavy as a thing can be that I can still pick up in one hand, but it's actually fun to sew on, unlike mine which, at 6 years old, has no apparent personality.

And Christmas presents are in progress - and three are finished, but I can't show pictures due to secrecy! However, when the girls' presents are ready, I'll show them off, as I am certain they don't follow my blog.  One is in a million pieces, and the other is in only a few pieces, but one of those is in the dyeing queue.

So, these are my excuses as to why I have nothing to show.

Except I do! I found this at the local thrift store:

swirly fabric
and 2.5 yards of this, as well!

Two and a half yards is like enough for a dress for a grown up! Or matching dresses for the girls! Although,  I'm not going to do that. I have serious quilting aspirations for this print.

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