Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halfway on the Scrappy Plus Quilt

I finished 4 more blocks today, and laid out my progress when I was at the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild Sew In last weekend.

Photo courtesy of Brenda of Just a Bit Frayed

Although I brought my camera, I failed to remember to take a picture, so I am relying on the kindness of my friend Brenda who took a picture with her phone, because it's better than the picture I took with my phone, which is so dark and slightly yellow, that if you compare the pictures side by side they look like two different quilts.

I have the number 54 in my head for the number of blocks I am aiming for. This is 27, so it's exactly half, by some cosmic accident. I just bought two new fabrics today (one coral, one teal) and two yesterday (one coral*, one teal) but I need to stop, because I'm probably going to end up with too many blocks (like always! I am the queen of the orphan block!)

*I can't find a link to it, but it's a super cute Jenean Morrison print from Wishing Well, lots of little birds. It might just be out. I may be the first person on the internet to possess it!

Here is my newest method of piecing, I suspect there is no room for further improvement. My unhappiness with the previous method (even with my improvements) stems from my desire to chain piece everything, and having to go from piecing multiple blocks in the first steps to doing one at a time, prompted me to try a new method. (Faster, and probably less accurate, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice!)

Which I am ironically showing you with a block I pieced all by itself.

Follow the directions up to the point where you "square" the block:

Stitch the first piece of the internal cross on the top:

 Now! Stitch the second piece to a long side:

And if you're clever you'd trim it at this point and save yourself some trouble later.

Cut off 5" of the longer side starting from the edge without the border:

Put the bottom piece on the top:

Pin and sew:

Now, on the short side, cut 4.5" off, measuring from the borderless edge:

Move this piece to the other side of the interior plus:

Pin and sew:

And done!

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