Sunday, October 6, 2013

Still here and still sewing

I still seem to be up to my ears in secret projects, so here are a few little things I can talk about:

I have the pink feather print, too.
I made this 241 tote for my sister out of Anna Maria Horner Field Study linen parenthetical flight. The lining is this awesome circle print from Modern Whimsy, and some yellow Metro Living circles. The big blue dots are an Echino print from last year that they happened to have some leftovers of at Pink Castle.

I had a couple of issues with this, the most irritating was that the first time around the handle was super long, because my sister wanted a bag that could be worn across the body, and I'm not a person who measures things, and it came out six inches too long, and of course, I'd already sewn it all up. To fix it, I had to rip out three seams, and reposition it, and sew it back up. (This story makes more sense if you know how the bag is constructed.)

Actually, the most irritating thing was the thread I used, because it was heavy cotton thread for denim, and I could not find a suitable tension for it, and after ripping it out three times, I just left it looking imperfect on the underside of the handle. 

lots of polka dots.

I sewed up this mini quilt for the Pink Castle blog, for which I occasionally write for. It will probably be at least two weeks before it is finished and on the blog. And then I will reveal why I made it!

And, inspired by one of my secret projects, where I've been creating and using up a few of my Wasteful Star scraps, I came up with this block:

It needs a name...
And of course the Scrappy Plus Quilt is still ongoing.


  1. I know it is definitely the season for secret projects in my sewing room, which makes it really hard to blog anything since I know that family and friends will see it. :P That bag is to die for, so I hope it was worth all the trouble. That feather print is like me in a nutshell; I may have to spring for some of that.

    1. Thank you!

      It's such a great print. I do have all the colors. I have quite a lot of the dark blue, I am intending to have it made into a garment some day...

  2. I love the bag! It turned out great! I can't wait to for your big reveal :) I saw that they have the skirt class back up (YAY!) and they added some sew-in days which is kinda cool. If you go, you can leave me a message on IG if you remember to (karries3). Everyone is so nice at the shop. You have some really cute prints in your Spoonflower shop, by the way :)

    1. Thanks, Karrie! I will be heading over this weekend, and I intend to sign up for the skirt class. And maybe buy some fabric....? Sadly the sew-ins are mostly during the day on weekdays when I am at work. :(

      But I will be there for the A2 Modern quilt guild sew in on Sunday.