Thursday, January 30, 2014

Complicated in Color

Alright, so a few days ago, I posted a tutorial on making Drunkard's Path blocks using a four patch for the quarter circle. A technique I used to make a gift for a friend.

I got a bit wrapped up in the tutorial and didn't show you the quilt! So! Here it is! The blocks are 4" (so a full circle is 8") cut on my big shot with the Drunkard's Path dies. I gave it a border of neutral, pastel and low volume 2.5" squares.

Wall hanging size- about 2 feet by 3 feet
And some close ups:

A little bit of everything!
It was the hunt for orange fabrics that made me realize I needed to sort my scrap bin!
These airplanes are my favorite!
The binding is made from scraps of the Frippery Peacocks from Thomas Knauer.
It's backed with an old Amy Butler print, and free motion quilted by me in a swirly design:

The pic is a little washed out, but you can see the quilting!
 And it's the first time I've used my new quilt labels!

It was a fun quilt to put together, and I've got a few extra blocks (and the black ones from the tutorial) that I've been messing with. Maybe a new quilt is in the works? We'll see, though I already have a queue!


  1. Super cute. I really love this quilt, especially the great mix of background prints. Also, where did you get your labels? I have been wanting to get some made so I can start to label my quilts.

    1. Spoonflower! You just have to leave space between the designs. Of course, I should have left more than I did. And I used iron on double sided adhesive to attach it.

    2. So is it just the quilting weight cotton from spoonflower? And how much space do you recommend leaving?

    3. Yes, I used the Kona cotton. I left /12 an inch, which is just barely enough space - fine if you're adhering them, but not quite enough for piecing, without cutting into the words on one side or the other. So, I would suggest at least 3/4 of an inch between.