Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lime Squares and Home Improvement

It is horrible to admit, but I have not been sewing! I have been doing some home improvement instead. Mostly painting.

As my stash has expanded, it has come to take up two bookcases, and I need a new spot for the second. I was considering putting one in the guest room, but my husband suggested we move a few things, and suddenly they could both stand together in the hall. And! I will have a design wall! Not quite tall enough for a full size bed quilt, but certainly longer than my current one, which is about 3 feet square.

Needless to say, though, the hall needs to be painted first! I am hoping to finish tomorrow, though.  Then I can show that off!

The other thing I have been doing, in my time away from paint brushes, is cutting out lime squares. I had an idea, which calls for 670 (!) 2.5" squares.

I cut some from my stash, did the math, realized I needed tons more, and then cut some more, then went back and added in some fabrics I initially tossed out as not lime enough, then went to Pink Castle Fabrics and bought more lime prints, and swept through their fat eighth bins (snagging some Wee Wander, too! yay!) for more lime, and cut those.

And I think I am still short. 670 squares is what you would get if you took three yards of fabric and reduced it to 2.5" squares!

Based on weight - because I am not counting - two yards of fabric (in my case - a Thomas Knauer print) is about 11 oz. So, 3 yards should be around 16.5 oz.

My bowl of lime scraps is only:

14 oz! So, I'm shy about 2.5 oz. So, I've asked some people in the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild for contributions, because I would love it to be super scrappy. Though I may still buy another lime print or two, I am especially eying Citrus from Windham. And I found another lime print in my stash last night, so I'll cut into that tonight and that will add a few more squares. Every one gets me closer, right?

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