Thursday, February 20, 2014

Swapping again!

I sent out my swap package today! I'm in a low volume charm swap, which is pretty exciting. I don't know the last time I was in a swap - it was years ago. Something about rainbows?

Anyway, because that's exciting, and I'm also working on learning Illustrator, I designed a fabric completely on the computer for once, to go with the occassion:

It's not much, just the work of a few hours. The whole print is here, if you want to see my awkward repeat. (Illustrator and I still have several things to work on together...)

Fittingly, it's a little bit low volume itself!

The swap is one of those where you send all your pieces to an organizer, who breaks them down and distributes them, and then sends them out again, and since the due date isn't for two weeks, it will probably be a month before I get it back. So, it'll be a nice surprise for March then!

I chose Julia Rothman's gear print from Ride to send out. Luckily Pink Castle Fabrics had a yard left! I was pleased when I was cutting charms, that there was enough left over to cut into several 2.5" squares. That's actually my plan for the charms I get, too, to quarter them up for something... something amazing. I hope.

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