Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One more skirt!

And clearly, not the last. I mentioned that I was working on this at Camp Stitchalot, but after the Garden Party Tango top was finished, I was uncertain what to work on next, so I plucked it out of the pile, and hemmed it over the weekend. I chose it over the other skirt I have to hem, which has been in the pile longer, because it's got a straight hem, where the other has miles and miles of curving hem.

Look! Tights instead of leggings! Maybe we'll be to bare legs when the next one is ready for photographing.

Here's a better view of the pocket - the other side is (shockingly) identical, so not many pictures. The pattern is by Made by Rae, but it's one she teaches as a class, rather than selling on its own.

The fabric was designed by my favorite designer - Lizzy House, from Red Letter Day, one of her earlier lines. Now, you would be lucky to find those anywhere, but I walked into Pink Castle Fabrics yesterday and shrieked, because she had in two back catalog prints from Lizzy House I'd been looking for! I love the moon dots from Constellation, and the pink candles! So cute.

Lotta Jansdotter, far left, Tasha Noel in the red.
In the meantime, I have actually begun to pin that other hem, so perhaps it will be done soon.  I have told myself I can't start new clothing projects until these two are hemmed. And I so want to start some!

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