Monday, March 24, 2014

Camp Stitchalot Spring!

I went to Camp Stitchalot this weekend. And I hardly took any pictures. Guess I was too busy sewing?

I stayed in the jungle room (each room has a theme - on the second floor, there is the doll room (which I usually stay in, which is generally considered to be creepy) and the angel room (which I would never stay in, because I think it's much creepier than the doll room.)) The jungle room is a pretty yellow, gets lots of sun, and has a balcony, though it's still too cold for a balcony.  There were three of us sharing, it's a camp, after all.

Early morning.
Well, I was neither the first person up, or the last to bed, and I'm still exhausted. It was tons of fun, though! And there were lots of snacks! And everyone was amazing.

This camp was all about bags. The teachers were Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness and Kristin Link of Sew Mama Sew. We made two bags (we started two bags, and many people finished both).

I finished one, Kristin's tackle bag (the pattern isn't published, so there's no link to give you- yet).


I used this fabric I had screen printed and dyed long ago, along with a coordinating star print for the handle, and some Summersville Spring to space it out, as I didn't have enough skulls to just use skulls. The interior is that cream circle and star print from Clover Sunshine, and it has a welt pocket! I made a welt pocket!

Sara taught the Camp Stitchalot bag, and I'm pretty far with it, but it will have to be another post, I'm maybe 5 steps from finished with it? But I have a few things ahead of it in the queue to be finished.

I also made a second made to measure skirt for me - though it still needs to be hemmed, and have some basting stitches removed - using this Lizzy House medals print from a few years back. I'll show that too, once it's done. I've decided I can't start a new skirt (or blog the two that are not yet hemmed) until I hem those.

In summary, Camp Stitchalot was completely awesome! I'm so glad I went! But now I need to sleep...

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