Saturday, August 9, 2014

Farmer's Daughter Block 6!

So, I started this block along thinking it would get me to blog twice a week rather than once, but that has not happened, because I had to do some traveling, and I've made some life altering decisions.

Which mostly affect the amount of time I have to sew and or blog. Which most people would not consider life altering in anyway I guess. Most people who don't have a blog to feed with sewing projects.

Basically, I'm doing a half hour of drawing a day, because it's the important thing. And since I didn't usually start sewing until 9:15 at night, and leave off at 11-11:30, I'm now starting at 9:45 and losing about a third of my free time.

But, to balance it out, I've also given up blogging for Pink Castle Fabrics, which I have apparently been doing for almost a year (my first post was September 6, 2013!), it was a fun gig, but I need to concentrate on my own interests right now.

One of which is still sewing, of course!

Here's this week's block, still warm from the iron. I went with an inside out star. (Inverse star?) I think maybe darker fabrics would have been better, now that I'm staring at it. I got a few scraps of that Lisa Frank-esque dolphin fabric from Pam at one of the quilt guild retreats.

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Feel free to join up - on Instagram the hashtag is #farmersdaughterblockalong

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