Friday, August 15, 2014

And... then... maybe not...

I started this Farmer's Daughter project so that I'd have definite weekly content, but I've been under the weather for four days, and even though I'm feeling better, I've got four days of things to catch up on, so I'm not going to turn one out this weekend.

It will return! It better, because I precut a ton of 2.5" squares and half square triangles!

So, in honor of being sick for most of the week, here is a project that I've been working on on my couch (Though, to be frank, I spent a lot of time reading, or listlessly watching tv, and not much time sewing...):

The spherical pincushion, a la the ridealong tutorial from St Louis Folk Victorian:

It's being assembled inside out, and I screwed up the scale - these are 1" sides, so the object is going to be grapefruit sized. The side lengths should be 5/8" to make a 3" sphere (and if you're interested in this, email me - blotchandthrum (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll send you the 5/8" template pdf I whipped up).

And just cause it's fun looking, here's the outside/inside, too.

I've cut out the templates for the right size as well, and cut up scraps, so I can start on a pincushion once this monster is done.

And I didn't think of this till today, but it would have been a good couch project: 

I'm going to weave a rug from these Cotton + Steel scraps left over from bundle making at Pink Castle Fabrics. The loom is a CraftSanity coaster loom. I made a rug before using it, and other scraps from PCF, but the cat did something unspeakable to it recently, and now I need a new one... Well, it was looking a bit tired anyway, frankly, but it's a bit daunting to be all, I'm going to make a rug now!

Hopefully by next week I'll have more to say for myself...

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