Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fresh Water Pearls

I'm not much of a person for jewelry, but I do like the look of fresh water pearls... The more odd and imperfect in shape, the better.

This started off as a study in white, cream, and grey, inspired by Yoshiko Jinzenji's Quilting Line and Color (which I totally regret buying, now that it's fifty dollars a copy!), where she talks about shades of white, and it wasn't something I had ever thought of before, but it's there if you look!

So, the Easter before last I bought all the pale neutral colors of sketch and Carolyn Friedlander's crosshatch (actually, I bought all the colors, or at least most, but I only used the light ones. And as a side note, I am so excited they are making more!) And lots and lots of solids, in shades like parchment, ash, bone, and several just called white. And some I didn't use because they were too dark. And my favorite Pearl Bracelet - sandbox.  There is also a white on white bird print in there somewhere.

I cut out the tumblers with a sizzix die. On the Halloween before the last! And then I started to sew them together. Then I realized I didn't have enough, and cut another round. I finished the top at the end of May, at Camp Stitchalot, then got it basted in June, if the label can be believed. And then it sat! Until a few weeks ago when I panicked and took the day off to get the quilting done, and then a few nights to get it bound. And washed. I needed it washed before the picture, because I used a washable graphite pencil to mark the lines, and I wasn't positive it would come out, but it did, so whew!

I meant to free motion it, but time was an issue! I want to enter this one for quiltcon and the deadline is next week!

The brighter colors, the yellows, pinks, and purples came in at the last moment, because I grew tired of all that pale stuff. I think they give it a nice surprise.

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