Sunday, November 9, 2014


My Color Theory class has spent the last two weeks on value, starting with gray scale exercises and moving into color. One of these gray scale exercises was to find, through mixing paint, what appears to be by eye ten even steps between white and black.

I don't paint. And I while I do dye, there is such a difference in value between wet dye and dry I figure it would be hard to judge what you had until after it's dry.

I did it in fabric, using solids I had in my stash. I even opened two of my Kona charm packs to get a few options, though I only used two of the charms in the end. (Actually, I laid it out with prints first, then prints and solids, then I realized I had enough solids to do the whole thing.) The hard thing with grey is hitting that middle hue, which is neither too warm or too cool...

It's got kind of a dreamy focus on, because my lens wasn't clean, but it's too cold to reshoot!

Let's see if I can reconstruct it. I think the top white is Windham's Optical White, the next is RJR's cotton supreme Argento, the next is one of the Kona 2013 colors -Shadow, the next is a Peppered Cotton, Kona Pewter, not sure on the next one, then Kona Steel, not sure on the next - it may have been a hand-dyed fabric, then Moda Bella Washed Black, and Windham Black.

I used the supposed Optical White on the sides, and started quilting with my default all over swirls, but then my machine died, and I had to finish it with my straightline only machine. I bound it with a white on white dot, because I had it left over from last year's tree skirt (oddly I also used the same backing fabric as the tree skirt, though the connection did not occur to me until a day later.)

Linking to Sew Solid Sunday!

In other news, Spoonflower is having a 2/1 fat quarter sale for another day or two, so feel free to buy from my shop!


  1. The machine problem helped you create a great design! I like the classical column effect of the mix of swirl and straight line! Sounds like an interesting class. (I never have enough fabric to pull off gradations like that. Nice!)

  2. I love this actually! Simple, yet visually I love looking at it!

  3. Fantastic, Amy! I love the mix of the swirls and straight line quilting :) Thanks so much for linking up with Sew Solid Sunday!