Sunday, July 12, 2015

And I'm done (for now!)

I'm sending my oldest child off to camp (for a while) so I had to do a lot of hemming and mending and making, and I broke a double needle hemming pants, and that was really exciting, though luckily I had a spare, so it didn't break my stride.

And I've used the serger more this month than anytime previously, I think, making shorts with twills and oxfords, hemming terry cloth pants (or whatever they are? They're seriously sheddy.)

But, anyway, what I made:

1. pair of white jersey pants, not pictured because they are boring. But horrible to make! Because the snowblindness, and having to study it to decide what is the right or wrong side of the material. Though knit pants are super simple to put together at least.

2. pair of shorts, with birds.

Oh, I can't help thinking these would be better if the flowers were at the bottom and not the top. These were a huge mess of fabric placement problems, starting with the fact that the fabric is printed across the grain instead of with it, which meant there wasn't enough fabric for the waistband, and it had to be done in pieces. And I would have preferred birds there, but didn't have the yardage to choose. I really still think the fabric is cute, but I would buy more fabric and think harder about how to cut it, if I was doing this again.

The pockets are from the new Anna Maria Horner woven line, Loominus. That fabric is super soft, though this colorway is a bit eye-stabby on the bolt, it's nice in small doses.

That is an important note, isn't it? Most of the time we can get by with 3/4 of a yard, but sometimes the design of the fabric stands in the way.

3. Cat shorts:

Oh, this fabric is my favorite. No complaints on these shorts! The repeat is nice and big and varied (and runs in the right direction), and nothing went wrong.

The pockets are pandas eating donuts. So fun!

4. Fox shorts:

I also love this fabric. No problems for the same reasons as the cat shorts.

The pockets are left over from a project I made last summer, so unavailable currently. But an old Monoluna print from Raaja, I think?

And now, I can get back to quilting. At last!

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