Sunday, July 26, 2015


Last night I took two hours (more or less) to make binding and bind a quilt that has been sitting around, quilted and untrimmed for at least six months. (And I finished it in April of 2014, apparently. eep). Here's a post about the construction on the Pink Castle Fabrics website. It hung in the shop as a sample top for a bit before being sent out to be quilted by Kathy of Thread Bear Quilting. You can't really see the quilting here, but it's really cute, bird and swirls.

Once the line was out of the shop it came home to me, and needed binding. For months. One reason this stalled was that I bought the right navy solid for the binding and lost it. Yesterday, I decided enough is enough, and I had to have something that would be fine. I used Kona Kumquat to bring out the center of the daisies. 

I machine bound it because no one has time to hand stitch binding on quilts that aren't for show.

Because I have spent the last week basting seven quilts for quilting.

Because... the dire truth is that this quilt planning board is wrong:

And while this is closer to the truth:

I suspect a few things may still be outstanding.

The thing is that I have been trying to clear the board before I start new projects, but I had been under reporting to myself the number of projects that are ongoing. So, maybe it's not just a summer project, to finish up the old things. But, I still have to take it one quilt at a time.

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