Saturday, March 4, 2017

simple lawn scarf

I've started a new job, where I am not working in a room that is a constant 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so I decided, fairly quickly, that I need some scarves for work.

The first two I made were two colors, so long rectangles sewn together, turned rightside out, and then pressed, with rayon and lawn. But here is how I have made two single color scarves from 1 yard of fabric (I used lawn for one and double gauze for the other.) This is cotton lawn is from Heather Ross's new collection, Sleeping Porch.

It's very easy and fast, even stopping to shoo away cats and take pictures for this tutorial, I had it done in an hour.

Step one: Iron your fabric, then fold it in quarters, so that the selvage edges line up. Trim off selvages and then cut it so that you have two 16 x 36" rectangles.

Step 2: Straighten up two edges, and sew your rectangles together, right sides together, at the 16" side.

Step 3: Pink the edges, and press the seam. I press to the side, but open would probably be better.

Step 4: Fold the whole thing in half, along the long side, and pin. I use two pins together to remind myself to leave an opening to turn it right-side out. I put the openning in the middle so I don't have to hunt for it. It needs to be about 5-6". Once you sew the seam, pink the edges, including the opening.

Step 5: Trim the ends, if you haven't done this already, so that they are square.

Step 6: Move the seam to the center of one side. Press the seam open, being careful not to press the sides. Press the seam allowance on the side of the hole open as well, using the seams on the side to guide you. Pin the ends closed and stitch them shut.

Step 7: Pink the seams on the ends. If you want sharp corners, you'll need to trim the corners. Turn the scarf inside out, making sure to poke out the corners.  

 Step 8: Close the hole. A whipstitch in a matching thread color would look best, but if you're me, you'll just think, well, it'll be right next to my neck when I am wearing it, so I'll just stitch close to the edge using the machine.

Step 9: Press and wear!

So, alternately, you can buy two yards of fabric and not have to have a center seam, and you would have enough fabric to make 2 identical scarves.

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