Saturday, September 2, 2017

There are threads and there are other threads

So, we moved to a new house a few months ago, and in our new larger bedroom there was some empty space, so I set up my loom, and set out all my weaving yarn, which had been packed away many, many years ago. Five?

I think they look pretty lovely, if crowded, on these shelves.

It's a pretty odd assortment of colors, I will admit. A few I bought on sale, probably the teal, brown, and navy, and a few from Paradise Fibers, which only has a few mill end (therefore cheaper) odd colors on hand at any time. (And by a few, I mean, 3-5...) I found there was a store near my parents that would sell you smaller amounts, but when I went looking recently I discovered that they'd closed in the meantime.

I decided pretty early on to purchase only the unmercerized cotton 8/2 type yarn, which is the main one for dishtowels, I gather, because I do not have unlimited space for an uncontrolled shopping spree. (I actually did make one set of dish towels once, for the record. Long ago.) Though I also have several skeins of 8/4 warp for making rag rugs, that totally does not count. 

I have also set up the loom, (I have a 30" ashford rigid heddle), and I am working on a scarf, trying to use some of that navy yarn. Though, it did not make much of a dent in the 3 lb? cone.

And I hope to get back to sewing, and maybe to posting, but with the move, well, my sewing room is not yet unpacked, so... so... sooooooo.....  so, I've been working on this scarf.

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