Friday, July 1, 2011

recent dyeing experiments

I'm not sure what to say about these, but I love them. I've been dyeing shirts, and less frequently than I meant to, I've been putting in some attempts at shibori.

storm at sea

This one is where you wrap a piece of fabric around a pole, tie a fabric around, then push it down.  It's not called storm at sea, that's a quilt block name. It has some sort of storm evoking name, though... I just can't think of it.  I'm going to cut off the right side, and overdye the rest.

pleated pink and gold
pleated pink and gold

this was pleated, wrapped around a jar, and dyed one color, then pleated in the other direction, and wrapped around the jar and dyed the other color. I'm considering dyeing this blue, so that it would be blue, purple, and green, rather than white, gold, and pink.

The possibilities are endless, which is what makes it so wonderful!

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