Tuesday, October 11, 2011

50 for 2011: #8 - a rainbow bag

Alright, like the one I made my sister, this is a Teesha Moore type bag. And the links to that are linked on that other post, so I'm not bothering now!

side one
side one - aren't the birthday candles amazing?

side two

other views
other views
There is the other side (although, I didn't take a picture of it?), of course, and the bottom. And I guess this side view is the best shot of the strap, too. It's amazing, I'm very pleased with it. The strap and the bag, too. The only thing I regret is not putting interfacing the top where the zipper is.

inside; please ignore my medicine bottle full of pins

Oh, and it's unlined, so it looks cool on the inside, too, but it also makes it less durable, I'm sure. Though, I'm intending it for a travel knitting or spinning bag, so, it's not meant for anything heavy.


Anyway, I kinda swore to myself I wouldn't make another one of these after that first one took ages, but then I was stuck in bed for like a week and a half, and being in between knitting projects, and having to send someone else into my stash to bring me something to do, I figured it was easier to locate my scrap box than send anyone in after yarn or knitting needles, which are organized in a way that only makes sense to me. And I had a few blocks left over from the previous bag... and a ton cut - often I'll cut a few 5" squares just to stash in the scrap box.... in case the mood hits me to do something I swore I'd never do again, I guess. Well, that's kinda me all over.

And it is a very portable project, up to the point of assembly.  Also, the kids liked playing with them and they were horrified when I started sewing them together.

One more picture! The center column is the bag's bottom. Sadly, the sides are not pictured.

most of the blocks
most of the blocks laid out for initial placement

It's funny, but I look at these pictures and I think of all the stories related to the fabrics or the designs or where I got things, and I'd like to comment on them all, but man, this post would take a million years.

But briefly: Two fabrics were woven by me. The white square is covered with a hand spun silk weavette square. One is a felted baby sweater. One is the leg off a pair of my husband's (clean!) socks. Two are fabrics my grandmother gave me. One was hand dyed by me for the jellyfish project (which I have finally started quilting!). One is made from leftovers from a zippered pouch.  And two fabrics have screen prints of mine on them, one of which was designed by my daughter, who put on the buttons on one of the other blocks. A number of fabrics and embellishments are leftovers from projects past (or current!)

This seems to put me at 26 for 50, and with, what, two and a quarter months to go? huh.

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