Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last minute jitters and a preview of The Bag

First, I've revised my booth layout, from what it was over the summer.  The new improved booth is set up in my basement (I'll take it down tomorrow!).

I think it looks kinda.... sigh.

But I'm not certain I can revise it before Saturday! So, likely, this is it. I may add a sign on the blue table, and maybe decorate the clothing rack a bit, but otherwise... ta da! (The foam core screen is not part of the booth - it's just trying to block some of the mess in my guest room/sewing storage room from dominating the picture.)

Anyway, the bag! The bag gets a warm reception wherever it goes - tonight it went to a guild meeting. I've got the strap only partially attached, so it's not finished yet...

But, let me present some in process pictures:

bag in pieces with cats
the bag in pieces with cats

for the handle
and this became the handle

My first time working with selvages, though I've been saving them for awhile (obviously!). I'd wanted to do something with them seeing so many neat things, but mostly, I've just been using them to tie up skeins of yarn.

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