Friday, October 21, 2011

Cross Sectioned Crafts – folktale art piece: Two Princes

two princes

I printed these guys last night. This afternoon I assembled them, I thought I'd show you how that was done, and took pictures of the first, but when I came to the second, I did it completely differently, but roughly, here's the idea.

Prince in pieces
The prince in pieces

You know, technically, he's a king, not a prince. But, anyway.  And also, that's not the hair I used, I switched it out before assembled them. I made 2-3 prints of every piece I used, so that there would be replacements in case of unhappy prints.

Pieces were then fused to double-sided applique iron-adhesive. I'm using Heat-n-bond, which, I'll warn you, does tend to leak glue around the edges, but I'm using a second string iron, so it doesn't matter much.

On this guy, I attached hair and crown to the head:

assembling the head
assembling the head

Then the head was attached to the body, the cuffs and pants and shirt onto the jacket piece, and lastly the trim.

assembling the outfit
assembling the outfit

Then I put a piece of this background cloth behind his head because the fabric I'm using for skin is a bit translucent, then put adhesive behind him, and cut him out.

and, done!

Of course, writing this out, and posting these pictures, I realized I messed up on that first jacket. His shoulder should be yellow, not red.

(For the second - his head was assembled on top of the piece that his hair was printed on, and the jacket was assembled on top of the trim. It doesn't seem that either is more effective, but after the third layer, it gets a bit thick and unwieldy.)

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