Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas crafting, part 1: doll quilt

We purchased an IKEA doll bed for my younger daughter. Here is what you get in the box, once assembled:

IKEA doll bed
uh, what?

Some sort of flat blue thing that must be a mattress but looks more like a comforter, and some flat blue thing whose size suggests it's meant to be a pillow. And a sheet, which I quite like.

So, then I got to work.

improved IKEA bed
much better!

So, I went off to the craft store and bought two inch thick foam for a mattress, and covered that with minky. (Oh, minky!) In addition, I made a proper pillow, and a little I-spy type quilt. Actually, trying it out just now to take the picture, the quilt fits better on the bed sideways... huh.

doll quilt
and the quilt!

I'd like to thank my friends and relatives who responded to my call for scraps - it's 110 squares, and that upper border was also donated - and I couldn't have done it without the help!

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