Monday, December 26, 2011

Selvage edge pillow

It's unusual for me to start and finish a project in under a week - but this one I started on Christmas Eve Eve and finished today! And I'm excited, so I'm rushing to share it.

selvage edge pillow
the front is pieced log cabin style

pillow back
the back is different styles... The center stripe is leftover from my rainbow bag.

Look! My first buttonholes on a machine I've owned for over six years! They're super easy, it turns out... and I made them too big, because my test buttonholes were too small. Well, whatever, it's the back.

There's always something to look at with this pillow. It's somewhat hypnotic.

I also used metallic thread to sew the pieces together, and it was a pain. It would break, or squiggle out of the thread take up lever, and then get stuck in the bobbin underneath... and many other unpleasant things. I would swear never to use it again, but I have another spool of it, in a yummy turquoise which despite the pain it is may prove irresistible.

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