Monday, September 9, 2013

The triangle quilt: revealed!

Though, honestly, if you follow me on instagram, you have probably already seen all that there is to see of this quilt. (And see it with cats rolling on it while I was trying to baste it!) And I've already posted about it twice here. Once to share my fabric choices and the other time to talk about how to put one together.

My baby is growing up and as soon as we're a bit more settled into our school routine (and my husband's new job calms down!) we will be getting her a new big (well, twin) bed. So, a new bed needs a new quilt!

Thank you, Brenda, for taking the picture!
 I have actually never held a quilt up for photographs before, it's actually quite exhausting. Especially on a windy day when you have to wait for a still moment for a picture. Also, it is wider than my arm span (at least with my arms over my head) so we lost the corners, and taller than me, so I'm actually standing on a chair.

And a close up.
I just did straight line quilting.  I dug out my old Janome because I like it's old fashioned giant walking foot better than the Pfaff's integrated one. I just feel like my Pfaff pushes everything together too hard, and ends up trapping wrinkles more often than the more relaxed Janome. I used the size of the foot to determine the distance from the seam of the stitched lines, but since the foot is off center (or the needle is?) they are not the same on either side of the line. But, it's cool.

And a binding and backing shot.
For binding I used Lucie Summers's Track print from Summersville Spring. I think it works amazingly well with these fabrics. I was hoarding it intending to bind another quilt with it, so I guess I'll be buying more! The back is one of the 108" spot on from Robert Kaufman. I think the color works with the front, and this child has no problem with pink, and it saved me a bit of money.  Initially I was thinking about one of the purple prints from 1001 Peeps that Pink Castle Fabrics has on sale now, but despite my devotion to Lizzy House, I believe this was a better choice for this quilt. Also I couldn't decide between the people and the city print, so I *had* to choose a third option.

I did a different sort of binding than usual. I did a single layer binding so that it would be wider without requiring more fabric than I had; I only had a half yard. I have not worked out how best to attach it on machine (everyone hand binds! it's hard to find much to go on if you can't.) so I'm not going to talk about my technique, though it is adapted from the one Lynn Harris showed us at the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild meeting last July. But I really like the look of the thicker binding! Even if this one could have been applied better.

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